Our Response to Divide And Conquer’s Review of Molecular Collisions

The indie music review company Divide And Conquer has published an in-depth and thorough review of our latest release Molecular Collisions. We felt that their review was fair and honest and we invite our fans to share what they think as well.

Though occasionally repeating their moves, Action at a Distance has delivered a solid, artful set of songs with Molecular Collisions. Mashing together aspects of vital punk and aggressive alt with the harmony of power-pop and indelible classic rock moments, the record shows the band is beyond mere imitation. Hopefully their craft will only continue to improve.

Molecular Collisions is something we are very proud of. It was our first ever release, the first time we’ve put our name on something and handed it to the world in the hopes that listeners would connect with the music and maybe even want to add it to their regular rotation of tunes. We know it’s not perfect. Some of our tricks for getting decent recordings of our performances didn’t pan out like we’d hope. We were limited to one microphone, a computer I had built myself out of random PC parts, a small room that wasn’t treated acoustically, a short budget and a tight time frame. All the more reason why we are proud of our work. We still can’t believe it turned out as good as it did despite so many obstacles. We’re happy to have gone through such an insightful learning process because now we know exactly what we need to do to make our next release even better. We’ve got a solid plan for where we’re heading next and we’ve already started putting together some really great things for our next release, we can hardly wait to show you.

Click the link below to read the full review from Divide And Conquer.
Thanks to Divide And Conquer and Peter Boyle for their amazing review. It’s a really fun experience to see what other musicians think.

Molecular Collisions Album Artwork

Molecular Collisions – Out Now!

Crisp vocals, crunchy guitars, phat bass, and spankalicious drums drive this exciting pop rock revival style album that dives into philosophical and scientific views on concepts such as love, lust, existence, growing up, and frothy chocolate milkshakes.

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