Hello to our website visitors!

So there may be some actual visitors to our site now so I just wanted to take a quick moment to to say hello… Hello!
We are Action At A Distance, a three piece original band from The Inland Empire CA. We play a good variety of music, including pop-punk, alternative rock, acoustic, EDM and some other interesting blends of our favorite styles. Some of our influences are The Foo Fighters, Senses Fail, Blink-182, All Time Low, Green Day and countless others.

Our site is currently under construction and we hope you’ll visit us again soon because we have some seriously awesome things planned. In the meantime you can follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/ActionAAD and you can preview some of our demos from earlier projects at SoundCloud.

Thanks to everyone in advance for all the good times that are coming our way.

See you soon!

-Action At A Distance.

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