Chemistry | Music Video

Chemistry from Action At A Distance’s debut album, Molecular Collisions.

We had a lot of fun producing this video, and we have already started working on some great ideas for our next few projects. This is our first ever music video, so please let us know if you enjoyed it and what track you think we should do next. If you like this video or this song, please click the thumbs-up button or share it with others who may appreciate watching. Remember that sharing music you enjoy and supporting musicians you love is the only way to make sure artist can continually release quality content.

You can download the song and even the full album for free at

Chemistry by Action At A Distance
Michael Zeta: Guitar & Vocals
Zach Boggio: Bass
Lyndon Hamilton: Drums

Written by Michael Zeta

Produced by Action At A Distance
Directed by Michael Zeta & Trina Gonzalez
Production Assistance by Robert Gonzalez

Special thanks to Rockstars Of Tomorrow for letting us film and Vincent Alpha for being a homie.

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